For Some Reason The Internet Is Very Concerned With How President Trump Eats Steak

Posted: Feb 27, 2017 12:25 PM

We now know more about how President Donald Trump eats his steak (well done, with ketchup*), than we do about Barack Obama's college transcripts or Trump's tax returns. And for some reason, multiple outlets have dedicated pieces to mock the president for his rather unusual preference in steak preparation.

Etc., etc.

First off...who actually cares? If someone wants their steak to resemble shoe leather, they have the power to do that. It also doesn't make this into actual news worthy of coverage. He's the president of the United States, not a food critic or cookbook author. Is it weird to eat a steak well-done with ketchup? Uh, yeah. Immensely so. But just...why are so many people writing about it?

Granted, this is not the first time the internet has come together to laugh at a politician making a weird choice when it comes to food. Still, this doesn't mean anything about the president's personality, life choices, or governing style. He's not a "child" for doing this and it's pushing it at best to call him so. Heck, this is the same media that threw a tantrum when Trump went off with his family to enjoy dinner together back in November. It's madness.

It's going to be a weird four years, isn't it?

*This is unquestionably a crime against an innocent piece of beef, but I'm not going to write a post about it because, well, come on.