CNN Uses Scene From Fallout 4 To Discuss Russian Hacking

Posted: Jan 03, 2017 12:00 PM

Some eagle-eyed Reddit users got quite the laugh over the weekend when they noticed that cable news channel CNN used a screenshot from the popular video game Fallout 4 as background to explain how Russians hack various computer systems. Fallout 4 is a video game set in post-apocalyptic Boston after a nuclear war. Some of the mini-games within the game involve "hacking" a computer by solving a word puzzle...which isn't anything like actual hacking.

The game's developers, Bethesda Game Studios, poked fun at CNN's use of their game on Twitter, saying that the same screen was also a sneak peek at the upcoming season of Mr. Robot, a television show about a vigilante hacker.

As the Russian hacking scandal unfolds, perhaps television networks should figure out a b-roll that isn't from a video game.

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