Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Confirms He Wrote Letter Supporting Trump

Posted: Nov 08, 2016 10:15 AM
Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Confirms He Wrote Letter Supporting Trump

On Monday, speaking at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Donald Trump said that he received a letter from New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick endorsing him and congratulating him on running a "tremendous campaign."

Congratulations on a tremendous campaign. You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative media, and have come out beautifully – beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully tomorrow’s election results will give the opportunity to make America great again. Best wishes for great results tomorrow.


Some people*, however, had their doubts that the usually-reserved coach actually authored the letter in question.

As it turns out, the letter is real and was actually sent by Belichick to Trump. Belichick was not aware that the letter was going to be read out loud.

CSN New England confirmed this morning that Bill Belichick did indeed drop a note to Donald Trump on Monday.

The Republican presidential hopeful, speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday night said he had the backing of both the Patriots head coach and quarterback Tom Brady.

And people were still in shock:

Now, as Belichick would say: we're on to Election Day.

*Full disclosure: I'm a New England native and a fan of the Patriots, and even I had my doubts about this.