People Are Mad At Yuengling Brewery Because Their Founders Endorsed Trump

Posted: Nov 01, 2016 11:55 AM

Last week, the founders of Yuengling Brewery endorsed Donald Trump for president. Naturally, some people were not thrilled by this, and some bars even took the extraordinary step of boycotting the beer and removing it from the taps.

In D.C., several gay bars have announced that they will no longer serve Yuengling.

JR’S: No Yuengling!

DITO’S: No Yuengling!

TOWN: No Yuengling!

TRADE: No Yuengling!

ANNIE’S: No Yuengling!

COBALT: No Yuengling!

STONEY’S: No Yuengling!

LEVEL ONE: No Yuengling!

NUMBER 9: No Yuengling!

18th & DUPLEX: No Yuengling!


Another bar sent back a shipment of the beer after the Trump endorsement.

Honestly, at this point it just seems that everyone could really use a beer.