Czech President Calls For All Economic Migrants To Be Deported

Posted: Oct 03, 2016 6:30 PM

Czech President Milos Zeman called for all economic migrants currently in the country to be deported to an uninhabited Greek island or to an empty part of northern Africa. Zeman also claimed that Islamic culture is not compatible with Czech society.

Zeman is, however, okay with accepting migrants who are escaping violence or war, and only wishes to deport migrants who moved to the Czech Republic for economic reasons.

From the Financial Times:

Mr Zeman told the Financial Times and two other media outlets in an interview the only solution to Europe’s migrant crisis was to deport those not fleeing war.

“We are in Greece, and Greece has plenty of uninhabited islands, and big foreign debt. So if you have ‘hotspots’ in Greek islands, this would be a sort of payment of foreign debt,” Mr Zeman said.

“I am for deportation of all economic migrants,” he added. “Of course I respect the cruelty of civil war in Syria, Iraq, and so on. But we do not speak about those people, we speak about economic migrants.”

Zeman then continued to link the rise of jihadism and radicalism in Europe to the increased number of migrants entering the continent. He criticized Islamic culture for its "incompatibility" with the current European culture, and said that women are treated poorly by Islamic migrants. He also said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a mistake in accepting so many migrants as Europe cannot handle the influx of people.

“I am not against migrants in my country from Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, Belarussia, Serbia, and so on,” Mr Zeman added. “I am only against Islamic migration, because I think there is full incompatibility of culture — as one example only, the attitude of Islamic migrants to women. Completely different from European culture.”