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The Simpsons Endorse Hillary Clinton; Mock Donald Trump In New Ad

The Simpsons have entered the political arena, and it turns out they're not the biggest fans of Donald Trump. In a parody of the "3 a.m." ad produced by Hillary Clinton in 2008, Donald Trump is portrayed as a bumbling narcissist who is more concerned with Twitter and looking good than actually doing presidential duties.


Bill Clinton's infidelity is also mocked at the start of the ad, but the mood quickly shifts to attacking Trump's Twitter usage, alleged book of Hitler speeches, and appearance. In the video, Trump's signature hairstyle is revealed to actually be a small dog.

At the end of the clip, Homer tells his wife Marge that he wants to vote for Trump, and then quickly recants after Marge says that she'd never be with him again if he did.

The Simpsons, which premiered in 1989, begins its 28th season on September 25.

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