Flashback: These Videos From The 1996 DNC Are Bananas

Posted: Jul 31, 2016 1:00 PM

The year 1996 was a simpler time. Facebook and Twitter didn't exist, the iPhone was something out of a science fiction movie, and, oh yes, the official theme song of the DNC that year was none other than the Macarena.


Recently-unearthed C-SPAN videos of the delegates and candidates at the 1996 DNC struggling through the (mildly) complicated dance routine have gone viral in the days following the 2016 DNC, and boy are they hilarious.

Buzzfeed's Jesse McLaren was kind enough to compile some of the highlights into this incredible 30-second clip:

As cheesy as the Macarena is, it sure beats the heck out of Rachel Platten's "Fight Song"---which has had the unfortunate side effect of driving everyone absolutely bonkers throughout the convention process.

Hey Macarena!