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Third Eye Blind Uses RNC Performance to Shame GOP Platform UPDATE: Statement From Band

Rock group Third Eye Blind performed at the RNC on Tuesday night as part of a charity event, and left many fans salty with their performance. Namely, the band gave the most half-assed performance in the history of music, didn't play their biggest hit, and took the opportunity to insult the audience and the GOP's platform. The concert was a benefit for Musicians on Call, a service that helps bring music to bedridden hospital patients.


The band didn't care that fans were disappointed.

The band also played the song "Non-Dairy Creamer," which includes the verse "And two gay guys got married/That brought the family to its knees/How did they blow this to smithereens?/Just a couple of queens/How did they do it I'll tell you now/They brought marriage to an end/And I found myself some culprits/It's two young gay Republicans/Young gay Republicans/Young gay Republicans/Young gay Republicans."

As far as the charity was concerned, 3eb continued its streak of not caring.


It takes a special sort of jerk to make an obnoxious political point at a charity concert. It would have been completely fine if they didn't want to perform at the show, but to show up and do a horrible job is very petty and tasteless.

UPDATE: The band released a statement.

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