Hillary for America Paid For An Anti-Trump Snapchat Filter In Cleveland

Posted: Jul 18, 2016 1:10 PM

Hillary for America is sponsoring an anti-Trump Snapchat filter at the RNC this week. Snapchat, a social networking platform popular with millennials, has geographic filters that users can utilize to enhance their pictures. Generally, these are either a location name or an event (for instance, the entire USA got one celebrating the gay marriage ruling, and Canadian snapchatters got a filter mourning hockey legend Gordie Howe), but companies and campaigns can sponsor certain filters as well. Hillary for America's sponsored filter consists of caution tape with "STOP TRUMP" written on it.

Other filters specific to the RNC include ones highlighting "delegate life," the city of Cleveland (with a nod to LeBron James), and a cute one featuring a cartoon elephant.


There's also a "protest cam" filter, which is likely to come in handy throughout the week. A good number of groups have filed for permits to protest at the RNC.

It's unusual, but clever, for Hillary for America to sponsor a filter at the RNC. It'll be very interesting to see if Trump's campaign will sponsor a "Crooked Hillary" filter (or something related to this) at the DNC next week.

The RNC kicks off today and continues through Thursday.

(screenshots courtesy of Katie Pavlich)