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This Gary Johnson Ad Is Pretty Spectacular

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson just released an ad featuring himself and VP candidate Bill Weld. The two former governors call themselves "A credible alternative to Clintrump" and speak about their successes in deep blue states. Johnson and Weld present themselves as fiscal conservatives and social liberals who will cut spending and make the government smaller. According to Clinton and Weld, they are better than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because they both have significant executive experiences.


Check it out here:

I like this calmer, no-gimmicks style of political advertising. Johnson and Weld both have impressive records in their home states, and they don't need to resort to outlandish claims or wild promises. They're experienced politicians.

It's a shame we probably won't be seeing Johnson in the debates. After months of mudslinging and name calling, he'd be a refreshing change of pace.

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