Oh My: Hillary Clinton Has Turned Up The Sass On Twitter

Posted: Jun 17, 2016 2:00 PM
Oh My: Hillary Clinton Has Turned Up The Sass On Twitter

Until last week, Hillary Clinton had a fairly standard Twitter account. She'd tweet pictures, fundraising pleas, inspirational memes, cute throwbacks, standard political stuff.

Then this happened:

Ohhhhhhh snap.

That tweet quickly became the most re-tweeted message since she opened her account in April of 2013. Since that day, Clinton has reigned as the Queen of Shade on Twitter. Her account has added a new layer of pizazz and, dare I say it, humor and likeability.


"Delete your account" round two:

Mocking her inability to swipe a MetroCard:

Honestly, this adjustment to a sharp-witted, take-no-prisoners online presence is probably a good move for Clinton. She's appeared to be somewhat robotic throughout the campaign, and has made some serious missteps on Twitter before. This makes her appear far more relaxed and normal, and less like the Saturday Night Live version of herself.

Now that Clinton has become the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, all bets are off. Let's see if this new strategy will work for her.