Disability Groups Angered Over Movie With Euthanasia Plot

Posted: May 26, 2016 1:00 PM

(Warning: Spoilers for the upcoming film Me Before You up ahead)

Disability groups have started the hashtag #MeBeforeEuthanasia to voice outrage over the plot of the upcoming movie "Me Before You." The movie is about a wealthy man rendered quadriplegic in a motorcycle accident. Despite falling in love with his caregiver, the character chooses to end his life via assisted suicide.

Naturally, some in the disabled community are a bit ticked that a film promoted with the hashtag "#LiveBoldly" would effectively glorify euthanasia. They have been referring to the film as a "disability snuff movie," and protested outside of the theater hosting the movie's premier.

Other persons with disabilities have been sharing pictures of themselves "living boldy" counter to the ideas promoted in the film.

All life is precious. Promoting euthanasia is despicable.