#TheChalkening Hits College Campuses As Students Write Support for Trump

Posted: Apr 01, 2016 4:00 PM

After Emory University students were sent into a tizzy over chalk drawings of "Trump 2016" around campus, Twitter account/lifestyle brand Old Row decided to host a contest for a gift card to the student who does the best "Trump 2016" chalk drawing on their campus in what is being dubbed #TheChalkening.

Students across the country were quick to take up Old Row on their offer, and a series of "TRUMP 2016" images were shared on Twitter and Snapchat.

Here are some examples of chalkings:

At least one school wasn't pleased and tried to erase the message:

And as for Emory, the school where all of this began, the college president had a chalk message of his own: "EMORY STANDS FOR FREE EXPRESSION."