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Desperate for A Place to Stay During the RNC? Jeffrey Dahmer's Old House is for Rent

In a bit of odd news to close out Friday, convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood in suburban Akron, OH is apparently available for rent during the Republican National Convention. The three-bedroom ranch is listed for $10,000 for the week of the convention. The ad once mentioned that the house is Dahmer's childhood home, but that has since been removed.


Among the properties realtor Howard Hanna lists for rent during the RNC is the childhood home of Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial killer and former Ohio resident. From the property listing, which gives an $8,000 rental price:

Mid-century modern home with a true park-like setting. Smoking and animals okay. This is Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home. Close to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Montrose shopping. Easy access to I-77 highway.

The house was the site of Dahmer's first murder, in 1978. Dahmer eventually moved to Milwaukee and murdered at least 16 others from 1987 until his arrest in 1991. He was murdered in prison in 1994. (Dahmer's apartment building in Milwaukee, where the bulk of the murders occurred, was destroyed in 1992.)

The house's current owner, Chris Butler, was unaware of the house's ghastly past when he first visited, and decided to purchase it in spite of this. The house has been for sale since 2014.

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