Seven Way More Fun Things to Spend $600 On Than A Haircut

Posted: Mar 31, 2016 12:50 PM
Seven Way More Fun Things to Spend $600 On Than A Haircut

Hillary Clinton made the news yesterday after her entourage blocked traffic so she could get her hair done, at the cool, cool cost of $600 (and that's before the tip!). Here are 10 things that, at least in this reporter's opinion, are a way better way to spend $600.

1. 240 Big Macs

McDonalds is currently running a "McPick 2" menu, which is selling two of their premium sandwiches for five dollars. For $600, a person could buy 240 Big Macs.

2. An annual pass to Disneyland

The cheapest annual pass for non-California residents is $600, and can be paid off in installments.

3. A brain-controlled helicopter

The Puzzlebox Orbit, a helicopter controlled by brainwaves, retails for roughly the third of the cost of Clinton's haircut.

4. Five years of Netflix

Netflix's standard streaming plan is $10 a month. Clinton could get five years of the service for the price of one hair appointment.

5. Just over five years of a Birchbox subscription

Clearly, Clinton's a woman who enjoys looking her best. For under the cost of a haircut, she could get 60 months worth of beauty products shipped to her house.

6. A hot-air balloon ride

A nice trip on a hot-air balloon with Bill would only set Hillary back about $500.

7. Tickets to a Beyoncé concert

Clinton is a huge Beyoncé fan, and reportedly dropped in to say hi to the singer during a music video shoot. Lucky for Hillz, by the time the primaries end in June, Beyoncé's Formation tour will be in full swing, and cheaper than a haircut.