Founder of EWTN in "Delicate" Condition

Posted: Feb 23, 2016 7:00 AM

Mother Angelica, television personality and the founder of the channel EWTN, is reportedly in "delicate" condition according to her sisters at the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama. Mother Angelica, who is 92 years old, suffered a stroke in 2001 and was placed on a feeding tube last winter. Updates to her condition are written seasonally on the monastery's website. This update trended on Facebook for most of the day on Monday.

We want to extend a very special and heart-felt thank you to each of you who have been praying for Mother Angelica. The many cards and promises of prayer she received throughout this past Christmas season were a great consolation and support. Mother's condition remains delicate and she receives devoted care day and night by her sisters and nurses.

In God's providence, she was able to receive the special Jubilee grace of passing through the Holy Door shortly after it's opening. Although she is most often sleeping, from time to time Mother will give a radiant smile. There is no doubt that her heart must be "on things above." (cf Col 3:2)


The Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration request that everyone keep Mother Angelica in their prayers. Pope Francis even gave her a shout-out (and asked her to pray for him) in a video last week just prior to his departure to his departure to Cuba. Prior to his election to the papacy, then-Cardinal Bergoglio appeared on EWTN's Spanish-language channel EWTN EspaƱol.