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Watch the "USA Freedom Kids" Serenade A Donald Trump Rally

Yesterday, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump addressed a huge (yuge?) rally in Pensacola, Fl. Unlike most rallies, the candidate wasn't the biggest story to come out of the event: it was the opening act, a trio of three young girls singing about Donald Trump.


Meet the USA Freedom Kids, a Florida-based music group who loves freedom, America, and Donald Trump:

It's a delightful mix that's part Sparkle Motion, part North Korean propaganda video, part Toddlers and Tiaras, and 100 percent unsettling. The USA Freedom Kids (who were missing two of their members) also sang the National Anthem at the rally. The Donald Trump song has existed in some form since August of 2015, when it was teased on YouTube.

Now, to be fair, this is hardly the only creepy performance to come out of a presidential campaign, and the phenomena isn't unique to either side. But still, this is...absolutely bizarre.

It's rarely a good idea to get children this heavily involved in politics before they're old enough to drive, never mind vote. There's nothing wrong with singing patriotic-based songs, but having a child sing about a specific candidate (regardless of political party) is just a bit much.

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