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Twitter Users Panic Over Proposed Expanded Character Limit

By now, nearly everybody is on Twitter, the microblogging platform where users share tweets containing a maximum of 140 characters. Yesterday, Twitter users were set into somewhat of a panic when CEO Jack Dorsey (@Jack) announced that the site was likely going to raise the character limit of a tweet to 10,000, effectively turning a microblogging platform into a regular ol' blog.


Cue the outrage:


As a longtime user of Twitter, I am disappointed by the proposed changes. I like the current format the way it is, and I don't have the time nor patience to read a tweet that's 10,000 characters. I like how Twitter forces a user to get to the point, and doesn't permit rambling. While Twitter has reportedly been struggling for a while, I don't think turning the platform into an entirely different version of itself is going to help.

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