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For Heaven's Sake, Nobody Is Going to Give Your Kid Drugs on Halloween

Halloween is this weekend, so naturally the hysterical, suburban-mom-esque warnings about drugs and other tainted Halloween candy being distributed at random to small children are out in force.


Everyone take a deep breath. Nobody will be giving your children ecstasy disguised as candy...because that makes no freaking sense.

Drugs are not free. People who have drugs have them around to either a) use them or b) sell them. Nobody is going to distribute ecstasy willy-nilly to random people--that just simply doesn't happen. There's no benefit for anyone. (Also, ecstasy is a drug that is taken mainly at concerts and raves, not just randomly on a boring afternoon.)

Media sensationalism does nobody any favors, besides cause needless panic. While the 24-hour news cycle certainly has its plus sides, this is not one of them. Rational thinking is important. While it may be a good idea to check a child's candy haul after a night of trick-or-treating to try to stave off a potential tooth cavity/snag some for yourself, the chance that someone will have slipped them drugs is effectively zero.

Happy Halloween!

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