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Clinton's 'Pumpkin Spice Latte' Question Was Asked By a Former Staffer

Oh, Hillary Clinton. She's just like us.

Because we live in truly bizarre times, Clinton's answer to a question asking if she is a "pumpkin spiced latte kind of gal" on a Facebook Q&A is national news. (For the uninitiated, the "pumpkin spiced latte," or "PSL," is an overrated seasonal beverage served at Starbucks during the fall season.) Apparently, Clinton used to be a "PSL gal" until she realized that there are nearly 400 calories in a medium grande. It was the perfect, adorable, "oh, she's so normal" exchange the Clinton camp has been striving to create.


Just one slight problem: the person who asked the question is Claire Celsi, former Clinton staffer.

From the Free Beacon:

Celsi is a public relations professional in Iowa who worked on the Clinton campaign in 2008 as a precinct captain. Celsi says she can help “the average become extraordinary” through the use of social media.

Celsi, who still keeps mementos from Clinton’s 2008 campaign, has also become a go-to Clinton supporter to talk to for media covering Clinton’s Iowa campaign. She was quoted in April by WeAreIowa.com and again in August by NBC News.

“She’s the most qualified candidate we’ve had other than a sitting president, why would we not give her our full support?” Celsi told NBC. “Sorry Bern boy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Senator Sanders—but she’s the Eleanor Roosevelt of our time.”

Celsi has also penned an article, as the “Public Relations ” for the Iowa Business Journal, giving an insider perspective citing her campaign experience on Clinton’s “smart media relations strategy” during her current campaign.


While Celsi commented to Free Beacon that her PSL question wasn't coordinated with the Clinton campaign, it's still rather curious that out of all the questions posed to Clinton during her Q&A, she lands on one from a former staffer.

Clinton's thoughts on peppermint mochas are currently unknown. Perhaps another ex-staffer can ask in the future.

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