Anthromorphic Pig Puppet Operated by Man Hailed as Feminist Icon

Posted: Jun 05, 2015 4:45 PM

I love all things Muppets. I keep a small Kermit the Frog stuffed animal on my desk, and refer to him lovingly as my "Desk Kermit." I was raised on Sesame Street and Muppet Family Christmas videos, and news of the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt basically sent me into a very happy coma. I became awkwardly excited when I discovered one can be married in the courtyard of Muppet Vision 3-D at Disney's Hollywood Studios. What I'm about to say is not an attack on the Muppets as an institution.

This being said, awarding Miss Piggy the Sackler Center First Award, which is intended to be given to people who are "firsts" in their fields, is absolute bollocks. Past winners of the award include Sandra Day O'Connor and Toni Morrison--you know, actual female trailblazers. Miss Piggy is an anthromorphic pig puppet with a penchant for karate chops.

From The Daily Beast:

On Thursday night, Gloria Steinem sank to her knees and bowed down to Miss Piggy.

“This is the first time the largest feminist icons in the world have been on stage together!” Miss Piggy squealed.

The famous, feisty Renaissance Muppet had just been honored with the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center First Award, which celebrates women who are “firsts” in their field.

Miss Piggy is a fictional character. She is a puppet, made of fabric, incapable of original thought. Her original Muppeteer was Frank Oz, and she's been portrayed by Eric Jacobson since 2002. "Her" first movie and TV show were both written by two men. While she's certainly a strong-willed character, she's not real.

It's pointless to politicize a children's character when there are actual women who chose, due to their ability to have cognizant thoughts, to work hard and overcome barriers, and break glass ceilings. Miss Piggy did none of these as SHE ISN'T REAL. Feminist can, and should, be able to find a real person to win these things. The end.