Former Mayor Attempts to Assault Maine Governor With Jar of Vaseline at Forum

Posted: Apr 03, 2015 6:20 PM

Yesterday, during a town hall-style forum about the state's budget, Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) was nearly assaulted by a flying jar of Vaseline thrown by the former Mayor of Biddeford, Joanne Twomey. Twomey, who stormed the stage and was hampered by security before she could actually forcefully throw the jar at the governor, proceeded to toss a jar of Vaseline on to the stage. The forum then ended shortly afterwards.

In 2013, LePage described a Democrat state senator of being "[...]the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline."

The exchange starts about two minutes in to this video:

From the Portland Press Herald:

Twomey had not been charged with any crimes as of Thursday night, and Steele said he was not sure if police would pursue the issue.

Afterward, Twomey defended her actions while talking to the media and other forum attendees, several of whom accused her of “ruining” the event.

Regardless of a person's thoughts about any elected official, it's not okay to rush the stage and throw something (anything!) at a person. That is not how adults communicate. The fact that Twomey had the presence of mind to carry a jar of Vaseline to the event speaks volumes of her character.