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Hillary Clinton Pitches Summer Camp For Adults to Reduce "Fun Deficit"

Potential 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton proposed "camps for adults" today while speaking to a group of camp professionals. These camps, Clinton explained, would reduce the "fun deficit" and force people to spend time with others, teach life skills, and re-introduce people to the outdoors.


While that's all good and dandy, there's one easy way to reduce the "fun deficit," whatever the hell that is: improve the economy, lower taxes, and make it so people can keep more of their own hard-earned money to spend on things they find fun, which, may even include adult summer camps.

I'll actually agree with Clinton that we have a "fun deficit." Roughly eight out of 10 Americans are stressed. They're not optimistic about their future. They're having fewer children than past generations, and this is the first generation that may not outlive their parents. American children are idiots compared to their international peers, making them less competitive in an increasingly global job market. Rather than toss around the idea of fantasy grownup summer camps, Clinton should come up with real solutions to make American lives improve.

But whatever. Go make a gimp lanyard. Because #FunCamp, or something.

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