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The official Twitter of the Democrat Party attempted to be snarky today and tweeted an image that implied that Republicans are anti-science:



(Monsanto is an agriculture company that creates GMOs. The left does not like Monsanto at all.)

(Here's 41 quotes from medical textbooks, written by scientists and used to educate future scientists and doctors, saying that life begins at conception.)

For what it's worth, "settled" science can be wrong, as evidenced by new research showing that cholesterol and coffee may not actually be all that bad for us. Heck, it was "settled science" that Pluto was a planet. While I'm generally inclined to trust people who are smarter than me and have advanced degrees in a particular subject, it is important to recognize that new discoveries are made all the time. Blanket statements like these are foolish.

This being said, there's apparently at least one set of scientists the Democrats don't trust: the ones who said that the Keystone XL Pipeline will "not significantly worsen" the environment.


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