President Obama Takes "Funeral Selfie" at Mandela's Memorial Service

Posted: Dec 10, 2013 12:14 PM

"Selfie," the act of taking a picture of oneself using a smartphone and putting it online, was deemed the word of the year this year by the Oxford English Dictionary. An unfortunate spin-off of the selfie was the "funeral selfie," which Nicole wrote about a little while back.

Ever the trendy president, President Obama and two other European prime ministers decided to up the ante with the ultimate funeral selfie: Nelson Mandela's memorial service.

I don't know about President Obama, but I was always taught to turn my cell phone off or put it on vibrate while in church. If I had the gall to take a selfie during regular Sunday Mass, never mind during a funeral of a major foreign leader, my mom would have given me a look that would make Michelle Obama's look tame.

Inappropriate and tacky.

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