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The Future Isn't NOW

The man-hating, conservative-trashing, government-loving National Organization for Women has one of the most far-Left, progressive agendas in the country. Americans beware.

Get to know NOW in a way you never have -- up close and personal. The March issue of Townhall Magazine features a detailed look at the organization that has been a leading voice for far-Left, anti-American, socialist propaganda for decades.

Matthew Vadum's full report, "The Future Isn't Now," is available in the most recent issue. Here are some excerpts:

When someone is convinced that imaginary forces are aligned against him or her, that person is sent for professional help. Yet when people sharing the same unfounded beliefs get together and form a nonprofit organization, they often manage to secure government grants.

A case in point is the modern feminist movement whose members carry on about women’s rights as if this were the year 1611, not 2011. To them, the so-called patriarchy, a cousin of Hillary Clinton’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” fantasy, is perpetually in motion denying women their rights.

To remain convinced that women today are little better off than in the earliest days of the American experiment is quite a feat, given that women today enjoy complete legal and political equality, outnumber men on college campuses, serve in the military and law enforcement, occupy top corporate positions and sit in Congress and on the Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, feminists trudge on, convinced by their own anachronistic propaganda. Their movement today is dominated by left-wing “gender feminists” and radical feminist Marxists who pump their limitless rage over the injustice of being born female into never-ending political fights.

They are not interested in equal opportunity, but insist on government-mandated equal outcomes for women in all areas in society. The feminist movement in the 21st century sees every statistical disparity between men and women as damning proof of sex-based discrimination. Today’s feminists demand government regulations and programs to help end all supposed inequalities.

But even among those out-of-touch “women’s rights” groups, there is at least one that stands out for inhabiting its own particularly nightmarish parallel universe in which reactionary phantoms torment well-intentioned progressives.

That would be the 45-year-old National Organization for Women. With the perpetually outraged NOW, down is up, black is white, and it’s always midnight in that oppressive, sexist, racist country we call America. ...

So what do the out-of-touch, leftover, 1960s-inspired radicals of NOW believe are the Eye on the Left most pressing issues in America today?

According to NOW President Terry O’Neill, NOW focuses on “advancing reproductive freedom, promoting diversity and ending racism, stopping violence against women, winning lesbian rights, ensuring economic justice, ending sex discrimination and achieving constitutional equality for women.” Nowhere to be found on the list is the importance of children and the family, national security, economic freedom, national debt and the worrisome size and scope of the gargantuan federal government.

This makes sense because government is the tool feminists use to undermine civil society and the American tradition of limited government. Feminists, like other leftists, believe people must be forced to do what the Left considers to be the right thing. The “nanny state” and the feminist movement work hand in hand.

Get the full scoop on NOW in the March issue of Townhall Magazine. Order today to make sure you don't miss it.

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