Can You Hear Us Now? Obama and the Democrats Ignore Americans

Posted: Mar 01, 2010 7:12 AM
Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts, the latest victory in the small-government movement, sent a loud and clear message to Washington. But President Obama is going full speed ahead with his leftist agenda.

It’s not just that the president and his left-wing cohorts in Congress have a “tin ear” politically or that they’ve misread the message of the GOP gubernatorial wins in New Jersey and Virginia and the Democrats’ loss of Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat. The truth is that the progressives leading our government don’t really care what the people think—the Left is just going to implement their agenda, voters be damned.

We dig into that issue in the March 2010 issue and explain how and why the president it doing what he’s doing.

The biggest part of Obama’s agenda is, of course, his health care reform plan. Sure, Tea Partiers and Republicans were thrilled with the Brown victory and the idea that he was the 41st vote against ObamaCare—but if you think the health care takeover is dead, think again.

And the White House, in its push for a left-wing progressive agenda, is acting a lot like the Nixon administration. We detail what it seems Team Obama learned from Team Nixon.

Plus: We reveal the ugly racist, eugenic history of Planned Parenthood, the organization that has found that killing minority babies is good business; the government wants a greater role in getting students into college, even if it’s a bad idea; and the Supreme Court hears another vital gun-rights case.

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In “Full Speed Ahead,” Townhall Magazine contributing editor Meredith Jessup reports that despite the loud and clear messages Americans have been sending—from tea parties and town halls to shocking GOP victories in Virginia, New Jersey and the liberal stronghold of Massachusetts—President Obama intends to put the pedal to the metal with his progressive, big-government agenda. From the cover story:
The Massachusetts defeat and subsequent blow to the Democrats’ health care agenda suitably coincided with the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration. As Obama turned his attention toward his second year in office, former campaign manager and political consultant David Plouffe was brought back into his inner circle of advisors following Scott Brown’s Massachusetts upset to help guide the administration through the upcoming midterm elections.

Plouffe’s re-emergence on the Obama political scene marks a change in message for the White House, but not the type one might think. Plouffe’s new message for the White House is one of no retreat in the face of polling that shows sliding support for the president’s push to overhaul health care and increasing discontent with his efforts to shore up the slumping economy.

In a piece published just days before Obama would deliver his fi rst State of the Union address, Plouffe set the tone for the president’s second year, saying Democrats should quickly pass the broad health care overhaul and push harder for a “jobs bill,” despite the negative repute of last year’s stimulus package. Instead, he argued, Democrats should turn up the blame on Republicans for Bush-era deficits.

“Instead of fearing what may happen, let’s prove that we have more than just the brains to govern—that we have the guts to govern,” he wrote. “Let’s fight like hell.” […]

While other politicians may shy away from radical policies in the face of growing public opposition, Obama sees no need to bend and accommodate. According to Rep. Marion Berry, D-Ark., when he was warned the 2010 midterm elections were shaping up to be a replay of the 1994 Republican resurgence, President Obama responded smugly, saying the difference between 1994 and 2010 is “you’ve got me.”

It is this overconfident attitude that has gotten the president into so much trouble over the last year. After one year working to steer the country to the Left, it’s clear that in his second year in office, Obama merely plans to step on the gas.

Cato Institute health care expert Michael Cannon warns in “ObamaCare: It’s Not Dead Yet” that it’s a mistake for opponents of the Left’s attempt to take over the health care industry to assume the fight is won, even in light of Scott Brown’s victory. Democrats are seeking a way to implement their ultimate big-government agenda item.
Democrats have not abandoned the battlefield. It would be hard to overstate how important this opportunity is to the American Left. Socialized medicine—or as Democrats would put it, a government guarantee of universal health insurance coverage—is in their blood. It is their religion. (I affectionately refer to the true believers as the Church of Universal Coverage.) They have been trying for a century to nationalize America’s health care sector, and they have never been closer to total victory. What we are witnessing is a strategic retreat, not surrender. […]

[T]he Democratic leadership is so heavily in thrall to the Church of Universal Coverage that it should be the subject of a Dan Brown novel. The hard Left is more than willing to sacrifice a few heretics (read: Blue Dog Democrats) if that’s what it takes to capture the Holy Land. Fortunately, the procedural options for moving ObamaCare forward are as unappealing to Democrats as its substance is to Republicans.

Frequent Townhall Magazine contributor Matthew Vadum lays out the ugly truth about a far-Left organization. “Big Abortion, Big Eugenics, Big Business” reveals that Planned Parenthood, America’s foremost abortion provider, has found that killing babies—especially in minority communities—is good business. And their political friends in Washington are keeping the taxpayer money flowing.


Fred Lucas, a Townhall Magazine contributing editor, lays out the eerie and disconcerting similarities between the Obama and Nixon administrations in “Nixon Redux.”


Townhall national political reporter Jillian Bandes takes a look at the government’s growing role in getting more people into college and asks, “Is that such a good idea?”


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