Bolton on Iran Election: 'Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards Will Remain Very Firmly in Control'

Posted: Jun 12, 2009 11:42 AM
Former U.N. Ambassdor John Bolton was on "America's Newsroom" this morning to discuss the elections in Iran. He points out that, regarding nuclear and security policy, it really doesn't matter who wins: The mullahs are in control.

From the opening of the interview, which you can watch below:
Hemmer: What happens if [Ahmadinejad] loses? Does it change much for us?

Bolton: It doesn’t change the fundamental direction of Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs or its support for terrorism, because those are controlled by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who’s the “supreme jurist”—under Iran’s system, the president is not the highest official in their government.

There could well be changes inside Iran—I think that’s what a lot of this campaign debate has been about—but on the critical elements of foreign and security policy, Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards will remain very firmly in control.
Bolton goes on to point out that the real dispute between hardliners and moderates on the nuclear issue may actually be whether you have Ahmadinejad out there proclaiming that he's proceeding with the nuclear program and wants to wipe Israel off the map or you have a moderate who "proceeds with the nuclear program but is smart enough to keep his mouth shut."

Watch the whole thing:

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