Fighting Narco-Gangs in Mexico

Posted: Jan 30, 2009 10:21 AM
Townhall magazine contributor and Heritage expert Peter Brookes has a great piece in today's New York Post concerning Mexico's narco-gang problem -- make that, emergency.

From "Help Mexico Beat the Narco-Gangs":
Mexico may be headed to hell in a handbasket as a result of grizzly fighting between the federal government and drug cartels - and among the narco-gangs themselves.

Some of last week's news:

* Authorities arrested a man accused of dissolving as many as 300 bodies in bubbling vats of acid for a Tijuana-based drug lord. (This earned the perp the nightmarish nickname "El Pozolero," after a local stew.)

* Prosecutors reported three heads found in an ice box. A headless body was also discovered in a canal in Ciudad Juarez, a town known as Mexico's deadliest - just over the border from El Paso, Texas.

The headless victims? Policemen.
Peter wrote a great piece in the December 2008 issue of Townhall magazine ("Colombia: Moving in the Right Direction" -- the opening spread of the article can be seen on the subscription page) on our vital ally's headway against narco-terrorism, specifically FARC.