(More) Politics at the IRS

Posted: Apr 09, 2014 10:40 AM
(More) Politics at the IRS

Anyone who has watched the gross partisan abuse of the IRS under the Obama administration had to have seen this coming: There are other instances of IRS employees showing overt cheerleading for the president and Democrats across the country, according to the Washington Times, citing sources at the Office of the Special Counsel (OSC).

Every federal employee is well aware that such partisanship on the job is illegal, violating the clear provisions of the Hatch Act. But apparently that wasn't a deterrent to some IRS employees.

One can understand why.

Think of what we've learned about the IRS in the age of Obama: There's Eric Holder at Justice, refusing to prosecute for the IRS targeting scandal; Lois Lerner, refusing to testify about her oversight of a campaign of harassment against conservative groups; the IRS and DOJ offering special aid to pro-Obama nonprofits in 2012 even as conservatives were targeted; Democrat politicians urging the IRS to attack groups they oppose; an IRS employee telling a pro-life group it can obtain 501(c)(3) status only if it doesn't "force" its faith on others.

With all this -- and more -- is it any surprise to anyone that some IRS workers feel free to display brazenly partisan beliefs in violation of the law? As outrageous as it is, these guys cited by the OSC are only the little fish.