Harry Reid: No "Koch Head"

Posted: Mar 05, 2014 1:30 PM
Harry Reid: No "Koch Head"

Harry Reid knows a lot of things that just aren't so. One is that all those supposed ObamaCare victims are liars. Another is that the Koch brothers are just really, really evil:

A few comments:

(1) It is disgraceful and unseemly when politicians use their official positions to attack law-abiding private citizens simply because these citizens disagree with them. It is an abuse of the power of their office. The President has done it; so does Harry Reid. It's nothing more than organized bullying on the public dime.

(2) Contrary to Reid's mish-mash of accusations, in fact, the Kochs have opposed even subsidies that benefit them. Can anyone think of Harry Reid doing anything remotely similar? As for his "un-American" slam against the Kochs, Harry Reid must have a pretty strange idea of what "pro American" looks like. More of Reid's specious charges have already been rebutted; of course, that fact never stops him.

(3) Look at the list of all time big donors. Of the top 20, 13 are either strongly or solidly Democrat. Five are on the fence. The first "leans" (not "strongly" or "solidly") Republican entity is at #17. The Koch brothers come in at #59. So if Harry Reid is truly worried about the subversive effects of money in politics, he'd better look at his own friends first.

(4) Of course, the fact is that Reid isn't worried about the subversive effects of money in politics -- he's worried about the fact that the Kochs' philosophy represents a fundamental threat to the cronyism that has defined his own way of life. The Kochs have made their money by making and selling products that other businesses, or the public, want or need. In contrast, Harry Reid has a long history of shady dealings greased by his career in politics. You decide which is the greater threat to a free people.

Harry Reid wants Americans to look at the Kochs and see the source of America's problems. Instead, we see him looking at the Kochs and engaging in a textbook example of projection.