The Real State of Obama's Union: Not Good

Posted: Jan 28, 2014 10:50 AM

Tonight, President Obama will use the pomp & circumstance attending the State of the Union to try to jump-start his flailing presidency. No doubt there will be much high-minded rhetoric, peppered with plenty of "let me be clear" and numerous allusions to "folks."

The question is whether anyone will be listening. There are two reasons for the growing indifference for the innumerable speeches that issue from the President's mouth: First, the public has figured out that President Obama is either unwilling or unable to work meaningfully with Congress, so little of lasting import is likely to happen. Second, with an approval rate of 41%, he's clearly squandered the enormous reservoir of public good will he enjoyed at both of his inaugurations, (compared to a whopping 69% approval at the start of his first term; a respectable 53% at the time of his second inauguration).

No doubt the President is going to try to put a good spin on his record. But the facts look much different. Here's life in America after five years of the Obama presidency:

And that's just at home. Abroad, the news is no better.

  • Putin continues to outmaneuver and dominate Obama completely, whether it comes to Iran, Syria or the NSA leaks.

Finally, keep in mind that under Obama, America has become a place where:

If a Republican president had racked up this hideous record, members of the media would be running through the streets screaming as if their hair were on fire.

But whatever the president says tonight, Americans know the score. And they know that there is far too much in America that is terribly, terribly wrong. That, sadly, is the real state of our union right now. And it is up to us to fix it.

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