What ObamaCare Is -- and What to Expect

Posted: Nov 23, 2013 3:25 PM

If you want to understand, in detail, the motive behind the sclerotic, complicated ObamaCare law, read Andrew McCarthy's piece in National Review Online. It's really pretty simple: ObamaCare is intended to serve as a temporary system to "transition" America to a single-payer system controlled by the government. Then welcome to health care delivered with the compassion of the IRS and the efficiency of the DMV.

If there's any hope of avoiding this fate, it's got to be because even Democrats recognize what a total and complete train wreck this law is -- not just the implementation (the web site woes, etc.) but also its underlying policy. The Wall Street Journal evidently considers the coming traumas attending ObamaCareoming traumas attending ObamaCare to be significant enough that such a reconsideration is, indeed, a possibility.

In essence, ObamaCare is a grave attack on the financial stability of the middle class. The poor will be taken care of by subsidies and other government services. The rich will be able to afford concierge care and other conveniences allowing them to work around ObamaCare horribles. It's the great middle class that will be left in the lurch unless Democrats start to understand that they're in serious political jeopardy.

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