GOP Senate Candidate's IRS Records Misused

Posted: Jul 18, 2013 11:37 AM
GOP Senate Candidate's IRS Records Misused
As readers may recall, I wasn't the biggest fan of Christine O'Donnell, Delaware's Republican candidate for US Senate in 2010. But no matter what, it's outrageous that her private tax records were improperly obtained, used by the Democrats for political gain, and yet -- to this day -- there has been no accountability for the commission of that felony.  What's more, no one knows whether other individuals have been similarly treated.  Was O'Donnell the only one?

Despite the best efforts of Democrats like Elijah Cummings to smear IG Russell George (and they really owe him -- a less professional IG might have leaked the IRS scandal before the 2012 election), it's clear that there is something profoundly wrong at the IRS.  And yet, the Holder Justice Department refuses to investigate; the press refuses to keep up the steady drumbeat of outrage that would force action; and the IRS hides behind the taxpayer confidentiality laws it has apparently already abused, in an effort to avoid accountability.

Yesterday, Carter Hull (who was fingered by agents as overseeing the targeting in DC),  implicated Lois Lerner (of course!) and the Chief Counsel's office.  As I have written here and here, is it even possible that William J. Wilkins, the chief counsel (and the Obama administration's guy at the IRS), would have known about this and not informed anyone at the White House?

Contrary to what desperate Democrats like Cummings claim, it strikes me that there's a steady drip-drip-drip of revelations that should be making them very nervous.