Media Bias in What Goes Unreported

Posted: Dec 18, 2012 10:02 AM

We all know there's plenty of bias in the reporting that's done by the MSM: The adulation fro President Obama, the handy re-invention of taxes as "investments," the continued insistence (against all evidence) that Tea Partiers are the source of violence and incivility in our political culture.

But here's a handy reminder that media bias doesn't exist only in what is reported -- there's also bias in what goes unreported, too.  As the invaluable Newsbusters tells us, neither ABC nor CBS bothered to report on the historic nomination of Tim Scott to the US Senate.  This despite the fact that Scott will be the only African American senator currently serving, represented the district where the Civil War actually began, is one of only two African American senators post-Reconstruction (the Democrats have had three -- Carol Moseley Braun, Roland Burris and Barack Obama).  What's more, he is taking the seat held for decades by Strom Thurmond, who was once a segregationist.

But nothing here worth reporting, no sir. 

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