Obama's #1 Frenemy Criticizes "Impatient" Americans

Posted: Oct 22, 2012 7:57 AM

Bill Clinton criticized the American people for being "too impatient" for an economic recovery:

Think he didn't intend for people like me to post that clip?  Think again. Whatever his (manifold) shortcomings, Clinton is a savvy enough pol to know that you don't win votes for yourself (or anyone else) by excoriating Americans who are suffering from long-term high levels of unemployment for being impatient for economic growth, so that they can get a job. Surely he realized it would grate on those struggling economically to be lectured this way by a man who has earned tens of millions of dollars in income just by giving speeches since leaving office -- now "supporting" Barack Obama, who is rich by any objective measure.

And surely he knew that people like me would post this clip -- highlighting the fact that Barack Obama himself pledged to heal the economy (presumably, along with the planet!) in three years:

Happy to oblige, President Clinton.