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The Most Damning Part of Cutter's Remarks

Kudos to Katie for pursuing Stephanie Cutter and seeking a comment about whether she intends to resign in the wake of her comments today.

What's most revealing about the whole sorry spectacle of Cutter trying to blame political opponents for the first assassination of an American ambassador in more than 30 years isn't the inadequate security provided to the ambassador, despite his pleas. It isn't the patent falsehoods the administration trotted out to try to obfuscate and mislead. It isn't the grotesque sight of Secretary of State Clinton repeating those falsehoods next to the AMerican ambassador's dead body.  It isn't the President's revolting characterization of the whole debacle as a "bump in the road."


What's most revealing is Cutter's insistence that all of this is about nothing but politics -- as if no one would care about this appalling scandal if it weren't an election year.  It tells you more than you needed to know about Obama and his campaign's priorities, passions and world-view.

The remarks, themselves, are a scandal . . . and Katie was right to ask Cutter if she was going to resign.  She should.  She won't. 

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