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The Obama-Raddatz Connection

Josh Peterson of the Daily Caller has a story on ABC's efforts to shut down discussion of veep-debate moderator Martha Raddatz's connections to the Obama administration, including the President's probably presence at Raddatz's marriage to Julius Genachowski, now Chairman of the FCC and an old law school friend of Obama's.


I am quoted correctly in they story, but wanted to adjust one of my previous posts, when I wrote that "Raddatz visited Boston frequently." In fact, on further recollection, I believe she lived in Boston at the time. 

One other item of note: Her first marriage, which ended in divorce, was to Ben Bradlee Sr. (of the Washington Post)'s son, Ben, Jr. There is more about Ms. Raddatz here in a New York Times piece from the Style section.

It seems that -- with her jobs as an NPR correspondent and ABC TV journalist, and her marriages to Ben Bradlee, Jr. (with whom she has a daughter); FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski (with whom she has a son); and now an NPR journalist -- she is very much a creature of the Washington establishment.  

Maybe she will be fair to Paul Ryan.  We will see.  Given her past and connections, however, one cannot help suspecting where her sympathies lie -- and it's difficult to imagine her doing anything that would upset the NY-DC liberal elite cocktail circuit.  I'd love to be wrong on that.

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