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The Government Propaganda Machine Revs Up

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide has been hired by California's health care exchange (the body implementing ObamaCare in the once-Golden-State) using taxpayer money.  Part of what it intends to do includes pitching a reality show about families without health insurance -- and seeking to have popular prime-time television shows (like "Grey's Anatomy" and "Modern Family") work the health care law into their plots.


Something about this smacks of Soviet-style government propaganda.  It's enough that Hollywood has already celebrated and glamorized a host of socially-destructive phenomena, from hypersexualized teens to single motherhood, without having heavy-handed efforts to make us all join hands and sing the praises of Mother Government . . .  which -- adding insult to injury -- is based on a marketing plan subsidized through our tax dollars.

Is there any realm of our common life that liberals are willing simply to leave alone?!



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