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Spinning like a Prius stuck in the mud, Obama campaign officials have tried to imply that language invoking God and defining Jerusalem as Israel's capitol was reinserted into the Democratic platform as a r
esult of presidential leadership:

President Barack Obama personally intervened to order Democrats to change language in their party platform to add a mention of God and declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, campaign officials said Wednesday.

Obviously, readers are supposed to infer that the president was unaware of the deletion of God and other language pertaining to Israel -- but then insisted upon them being re-inserted when he learned about it.

Not so fast, though.  As it turns out, Obama had seen the new platform language prior to the convention -- and only sought the changes imposed today when it became politically risky to proceed with the platform he had already approved.  

What a profile in courage. How typical: President Obama, leading his party from behind.

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