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What Now?

The Republican National Convention was a great success -- yes, even the "performance art" by Clint Eastwood (it must have gotten under the President's skin -- or polled well -- to elicit 
such a defensive response from The White House).

So what now?

Romney/Ryan Supporters:

FIRST: Before election day, go to your Facebook page and post video of whatever parts of the convention appealed to you most -- whether it was the speech by Ann Romney, or Condi Rice, or Paul Ryan, or Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney himself.  Whatever you do, definitely post the video of the Mitt Romney video that ran last night, and the talk by the Oparowskis.

As you post, explain to your Facebook friends that you're not trying to tell them whom to support -- but that whatever vote they cast, seeing the video(s) will help them make an informed decision.  Remember that your recommendation will have more influence on your friends than any other kind of advertising, especially if you're respectful of the fact that they might disagree.

SECOND: If you are so inclined, consider donating -- whether to Romney/RyanCrossroads GPS (that's Karl Rove's group) or any other conservative candidate or group that will use your money well.  Yes, fundraising on the Republican/conservative side is going well, but Barack Obama has the media, which will pull out all the stops to help him win.  Republicans need every dollar anyone can spare.

Romney Campaign

The convention went as well as anyone could have hoped, and did everything it needed to do.  Nevertheless, there are two issues that will need to be addressed -- whether in the debates, or (preferably) before.

FIRST:  The Bush issue.  Obviously, the Obama campaign is going to try to tag Romney/Ryan with the Bush II mantle.  George W. Bush realized this, and decided to forgo the opportunity to bask in the applause of Republicans, who would have welcomed him warmly, especially after four years of Obama! (Incidentally, can you imagine Obama -- or Clinton either -- being modest enough to stay voluntarily out of the limelight so as to enhance the chances of his party, and by extension, the country, as Bush did?)

Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan need a succinct, easily-understood explanation of how they are different -- why their plans are not simply a return to the Bush years.  They need it now.

SECOND: All the speeches at the convention did a great job of pushing back at the President's efforts to demonize prosperity and success.  But there was no moral defense of the economic policies the Romney/Ryan ticket will pursue.  WHY is it not just smart -- but also right -- not to raise taxes on the wealthy?  Does it have something to do with increasing growth and opportunity, thereby lifting more people out of poverty -- rather than simply redistributing tax money to offer poor people handouts but no hope?  Tell us!

President Obama has a "moral" narrative (deeply flawed, in my view!) about higher taxes equating with fairness and caring for the less-privileged.  They do not.  Higher taxes actually diminish opportunity and end up keeping poor people poor.  That needs to be explained -- and in moral terms that offer a meaningful alternative to the President's narrative. 

Republican National Committee

Great job!  But now please post videos of the convention items linked above in an easily accessible place on your web site!

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