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Rewarding Friends, Punishing Enemies

The Daily Caller reports that it has emails suggesting that during the GM bailout, the Treasury Department -- not Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (as required by law) -- was the entity that decided that union members who were employees of an auto parts distributor would get their full pensions; non-union employees would have their pensions terminated, solely because they were not union members

If this is true, this is one of the most egregious cases yet of the Obama administration using its power to reward political friends and punish perceived enemies (with taxpayer funds, no less!).  It is an object lesson in the danger of a too-powerful government: Those with friends on the "inside" profit and those on the "outside" suffer.

The Daily Caller piece also states that, based on the emails in its possession, it looks like some administration officials may have misled Congress and the courts.   

If all this is true, it is ugly, serious stuff indeed.

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