(Hardly!) Shocking

Posted: Jul 19, 2012 12:16 PM
This seems to be a week in which "informed opinion" has caught up with what conservatives have known -- and said -- for some time.

First, The New York Times discovers (gasp!) that it's not such a great idea to celebrate unwed motherhood.  (No doubt Dan Quayle is waiting for his apology; he was roundly disdained by the elites 20 years ago for making this self-same, common sense point.)

Now it's being reported as news that watching sex scenes in Hollywood movies can make children more promiscuous and sexually active.  Who knew?  Well, other studies have long pointed out the same common sense point . . . as a certain author pointed out in a certain book back in 2008.

Now, of course, it's satisfying to see one's point of view vindicated.  But on a deeper level, the real tragedy is the lives -- of women and children alike -- that have been adversely impacted by the left's embrace of concepts like single motherhood and overly-sexualized entertainment.  You want to talk about a "war on women" (and children, too)?  Ironically, it's been most effectively waged, however unintentionally, by those who have been quick to identify themselves as the #1 defenders of the poor and downtrodden.