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Just for the Record . . .

In an attempt to shore up flagging optimism (and fundraising!) within their ranks, Democrats are attributing Scott Walker's victory to an astronomical GOP spending advantage -- something on the order of 7:1.

As the Brits would say, "Posh."  In fact, from the beginning of the series of recalls initiated by the unions, Scott Walker spent about $30 million total; Tom Barrett and the unions spent $25 million.  That's an advantage, but it's not astronomical -- especially when one considers that the unions already had impressive ground and field operations, while Republicans had largely to construct them.

Yes, it's infuriating to hear the scale and significance of Walker's victory routinely downplayed or dismissed as a result of a supposed huge money gap.  But every minute that the left and its allies spend fulminating against "facts" that aren't true is one less minute they spend trying to figure out what really went wrong so they can make their liberal, Big-Government message more appealing before November.

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