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Woof! Woof!

Romney detractors (i.e., Obama allies) have had no end of fun talking about the fact that the governor's dog rode on vacation with his family in a crate on top of the car -- 
NYT columnist Gail Collins has mentioned the fact more than 50 times).  The Obama campaign, ISO yet another distraction -- don't look at the economy! don't look at gas prices!  don't look at foreign flubs from North Korea to the Maldives double-gaffe debacle! -- have implicitly sought to capitalize on the story.

Well, now we learn, courtesy of the Romney campaign, that the President himself ate dog meat as a little boy.  

No, the point isn't to critique what a little boy in Indonesia did.  The point is to highlight the silliness of the Obama campaign's effort to focus on "dog stories" in a very serious time.

There are two reasons the Romney response should give the Obama campaign pause.  First, it signals that -- unlike the McCain campaign -- the Romneyites actually intend to push back against the preferred narratives of the Obamaites and their friends in the MSM.  Second, it reminds Americans that there are many things about the president, from his early years on, that haven't really been aired in the press.

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