Bye-Bye "Bean Counting"?

Posted: Feb 21, 2012 1:34 PM
In a move that bodes ill for the continuation of affirmative action on college campuses, the Supreme Court has decided to take up a case that deals with the topic, a decade after Justice O'Connor authored a 2003 decision that largely continued affirmative action.

Now, of course, Justice Alito has replaced Justice O'Connor; otherwise, the jurisprudential makeup of the Court remains roughly the same (and Justice Kagan may have to recuse herself).

No doubt the Obama campaign would LOVE to get a decision it could use to rally liberals against the perceived injustice of race-blind college admissions, but too bad . . . the case won't be heard until October, a month before the presidential election, and a decision won't be handed down until June of 2013.