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The Morals of the Komen Story

It is not clear whether Komen will fund some Planned Parenthood grants.

What should be clear to any other private charitable organization is the following:

(1) If you ever offer a grant of any size to Planned Parenthood, you had better be committed to doing so in perpetuity -- even if Planned Parenthood doesn't even provide the services that are the touchstone of your mission.  Otherwise, be prepared for PP to turn on you and launch a campaign of hysteria, extortion and vilification.  Planned Parenthood feels entitled to your money.

(2) Democratic members of Congress see no difference between a private charity and public funds.  Best to stay away from funding any organization with a constituency the Democrats see as central to their coalition.  Otherwise, if you make the mistake of funding such an organization and then decide to grant your money elsewhere, some Democrats will go so far as obliquely threaten your tax-exempt status.

(3) Democrats are cultural totalitarians. The leader of their party has no problem forcing Catholic organizations to defy their consciences -- and Church teaching -- when it comes to birth control and abortion.  At the same time, other members of the party viciously wage a campaign of intimidation against a breast cancer charity, just because it has decided that the nation's largest abortion provider -- which doesn't even do breast cancer screenings -- isn't the best recipient for its donors money.   

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