Contemptible Weasel

Posted: Jan 06, 2012 7:44 PM
After Alan Colmes thoughtlessly and unkindly denounced Karen and Rick Santorum's behavior in the wake of their baby Gabriel's death, he at least had the decency to offer a full apology (graciously accepted by Senator Santorum).

Eugene Robinson isn't even decent enough to do that.  Instead, he retreated to weasel words, offering the meaningless assertion that he didn't "mean to offend anybody" and insisting that he was not saying that HE thought their behavior was weird, but rather, that "some people would think that was weird" (come on, we all know what it means when the left-wing press uses "some" -- it's shorthand for "I" or "we").

Criticizing the way somebody -- anybody -- chooses to mourn the death of their child is cruel and disgraceful, truly beyond the pale of even the most rough-and-tumble politics.  Refusing to step forward to admit the mistake and hiding behind a lot of hooey is simply contemptible.

We all get it -- for many "pro-choice" absolutists, the thought of how the Santorums chose to mourn their child (with full recognition of his personhood) is so incomprehensible as to almost elicit panic.  But a lack of understanding -- and a threat to one's views on abortion -- is no excuse for unimaginable viciousness, coupled with the lack of character to refuse to retract remarks that no decent person would utter in the first place.

We're still waiting for the left-wing denizens of "civility" to speak up about this . . .