The Gingrich-Romney Match Up

Posted: Nov 27, 2011 1:11 PM
The Manchester Union-Leader has endorsed Newt Gingrich, which pretty firmly establishes the former speaker as the chief "not-Romney" candidate.

Either man is an infinite improvement over the current occupant of The White House, but there is plenty about which the GOP electorate should be informed before following the Union-Leader's advice to vote for Gingrich.

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a story about how Newt Gingrich made his money in the wake of his resignation from Congress.  The story is a textbook blueprint as to how "regular Americans" come to Congress as people of modest means, and leave quite rich, courtesy of their government connections.  His career is a textbook example of the dynamic that Sarah Palin rightly decried in her recent Wall Street Journal op/ed, which would make any endorsement of Newt Gingrich coming from her (as rumored last week) highly ironic.

No, politics shouldn't become the exclusive province of "the rich" -- and yes, I am aware that Mitt Romney is quite rich.   All that said, it's worth noting that he earned most of his wealth himself, through the private sector, and entered politics after making a name for himself elsewhere.