Time to Show Your Cards

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Sep 29, 2011 10:54 PM
Haven't we had about enough of stories like this: "Palin: Wait a While Longer" or this: "Christie seriously considering presidential bid after GOP prodding" or -- to put it all together -- "If Palin Enters the 2012 Race, Christie Will Too" ?

Enough coyness, potential candidates.  Are you in, or are you out?  All the cat-and-mouse stuff starts feeling distinctly unserious -- like you're more interested in the attention you can garner personally than about leading a country that desperately needs a good, serious leader.  It's not all about you.

If you want to run, come on in -- the water's warm.  You're welcome.  Let's see what you've got.

If you're not going to run, then knock it off.  Stop distracting the GOP, and the press, and the country.  Stop giving the pro-conservative money people a reason to stay on the sidelines.  Stop taking attention from those we should all be scrutinizing very, very carefully.  Let us take a good, hard look at the people who have actually put their hats in the ring.

This country has big issues to address, and we need to know who's actually committed t trying to address them as president.  Enough with the Hamlet routine.